During the fall of 2016 we began the process to create an implementation plan for the organization. The following outlines the process required, taking into account all of the components that will ensure success.

Fall 2016— Implementation Plan started

Work Completed 2016-2020

  • Regulatory Amendments- Completed
  • Governance/Structure
    • Establish Transition Board- Completed
    • Legal and financial structure established- Ongoing
    • Staffing- Ongoing
    • Appeal- Ongoing
  • Registration/Certification
    • Establish certification registration tools- Ongoing
    • Establish certification registration processes- Completed
  • Training System
    • Develop training system-Ongoing
    • Establish training support process- Ongoing
  • Communication
    • Develop communications strategy- Ongoing
    • Execute communication strategy- Ongoing

Work Underway 2021

Development of Registration/Certification/Training Tools
• Develop Database to support program
• Develop forms/applications to support program

Development and Delivery of an Engagement Strategy
• Phase 1- Development of Strategy
• Phase 2- Delivery of Strategy assisted by Industry Navigators and Communications Specialist

• Finalize board of Directors
• Office logistics- Staffing, etc
• Program supports- Appeal & Training

2022 – Implementation

Status Report

We are now moving to the final year of our implementation plan.  We will continue to flesh out  the details of the program and hope to bring industry together in order to provide feedback on the proposed structure.

Proposed Road Map

We have established a proposed road map for registration, certification and training for the existing industry and new entrants.