To have a system in place that will register and certify fishermen in the Province of Nova Scotia, along with improving skills and knowledge and strengthening a training and safety culture amongst fishermen


The mandate of the Fish Harvesters Registration and Certification Board of Nova Scotia is to administer a registration and certification system and coordinate training for fish harvesters in Nova Scotia.


The purpose of the board is to

  • Register and certify fish harvesters in the Province of Nova Scotia;
  • Establish certification criteria based on the knowledge, skills and experience of fish harvesters;
  • Fund and coordinate training opportunities to improve the safety and knowledge of fish harvesters; and
  • Promote the sustainability and economic viability of the fishing industry


The objectives of the board are to

  • Improve capacity of fishermen
  • Improve the image of work in the fishery
  • Promote and strengthen a training and safety culture amongst fishermen

Role and Responsibilities

The role of the board is to

  • operate and maintain a fish harvester registration system;
  • issue registration certificates to fish harvesters who meet the registration criteria and who pay the applicable fee;
  • develop, fund and coordinate training courses for fish harvesters;
  • Maintain records of individual fish harvester training and skill development courses;
  • identify and access funding sources to assist fish harvesters with training and skills development
  • advise the federal and provincial governments regarding
    • training and skills development,
    • the safety of fish harvesters,
    • product value return to participants, and
    • the improvement of the capacity of fish harvesters to support, and optimize fish quality improvements;
  • improve the image of fish harvesting as a viable career option; and
  • adopt a Code of Ethics for fish harvesters in relation to training.