people smiling while wearing a PFD on a fishing boat

Yes – the classifications that DFO gives to licence holders will still remain the same.

If a fish harvester wanted to move to a higher level of certification, he or she must complete the below steps:

Step 1 – registrant makes application to move higher.

Step 2 – applicant documents previous training and sea time.

Step 3 – registrar assesses application to determine if higher classification warranted.

An appeal process will be available if necessary.

Fish harvesters will be certified at one of three levels: Certified Professional Fish Harvester – Licence Holder (L) and Non – Licence Holder (NL), Professional Fish Harvester – Licence Holder (L) and Non-Licence Holder (NL) and Apprentice. A full outline of the criteria in each of the certification levels is included in the governance policy of the board.

Stage 1 – Those Registered with FHRCBNS will be sent an information collection form that will permit the initial certification assessment.  This will capture years of service and/or training previously obtained.

Stage 2 – Complete the assessment – Each returned form will be reviewed to ensure: certificate #s, date of issue and date of expiry are all provided. At this point certification can be offered on an honour basis.

Stage 3 – Offer a service of centralized storage for all certificates. This will represent a Verified Certification status. It would also be possible to provide proof of certification to 3rd parties (DFO and other government agencies) if interested.