The Fish Harvesters Registration and Certification Board (the board) of Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit organization that represents all geographical areas and sectors in Nova Scotia.

Our first purpose is to provide a quick and easy way for you to get and store your PFR.

The money collected through PFRs ($50) stays in this province and is used 3 ways:

1. Training
We’ll invest in training programs that are required for fish harvesters or non-regulatory training to help improve skills of the fish harvesting industry. This training will improve your skills, knowledge, safety – and the longevity of our fishery. Learn more here

2. Certification
We have developed a certification process that validates your level of skill and ability, and allows you to store your certification safely in our system. Learn more here

3. Supporting our Industry
We’re proud to work in the fish harvesting industry in Nova Scotia and want to ensure our industry continues to support Nova Scotians for generations to come. We will invest in raising awareness of the importance of the Nova Scotia fishery so others understand the skills, history, knowledge, and science that go into putting fish and seafood on the table.